Born October 27th, 2000, Cannon was raised in the Greater Saint Louis Area and would attend and graduate Rockwood Summit High School in Fenton, Missouri. Cannon Dowell is currently committed to a Digital Media degree at Missouri State University.

Cannon Dowell began his digital media career on YouTube in 2014 producing comedy videos as a hobby. In 2015, he started producing original content part of Disney Digital Network. After linking with Disney, Cannon released a hit video on YouTube which received over a million views which lead to a consistent quarter million viewers a month.

In 2018, Cannon Dowell started Always Being Dope, a collective that has a mission to showcase and inspire talent on the internet.

In 2019, Cannon Dowell began producing a brand new podcast for Always Being Dope as an initiative to expand the brand and further achieve its mission statement.

In 2020, Cannon Dowell began reviving his YouTube channel to hopefully regain a large following and create a profitable and sustainable platform.

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