Kaldi’s Coffee App Project

Kaldi’s Coffee App Project

Kaldi’s Coffee is a local St. Louis Roaster and Cafe. The Kaldi’s Coffee app will allow guests of Kaldi’s to place orders online and earn exclusive deals and points.

The Task

Kaldi’s is growing fast…

Kaldi’s Coffee is expanding their retail division. Kaldi’s has expanded to multiple different cities and has increased their sales from their expansion into online ordering. Kaldi’s has plans to branch out their retail stores opening up multiple drive-thru locations in 2022.

Kaldi’s needs their own app.

Currently, Kaldi’s Coffee uses Toast Takeout for their Online commerce. Kaldi’s needs a solution that will allow for a better, more enhanced, personal user experience. In addition, Toast Takeout is a hub for all restaurants in the area, a dedicated app will focus on what Kaldi’s has to offer rather than being put next to competition.

The Toast Takeout App

Toast Takeout works well for users and Kaldi’s Coffee; however, using a hub rather than a dedicated app does not allow Kaldi’s to be the main focus for their loyal guests. Displayed is a user who who has previously purchased products from Kaldi’s and earned rewards when then open Toast Takeout. Kaldi’s is not the focus which hinders their loyal guests.

User Flow and App Architecture

Inspiration for the architecture and user flow were from Toast Takeout, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. All successful platforms that accomplish a similar goal such as Kaldi’s Coffee.


The initial wireframe was also inspired by Toast Takeout, McDonald’s and Starbucks. Featured is a Homepage, Ordering pages, My Account page, and a Locations page respectively.

The Colors

Each season of the year, Kaldi’s will update their menu and branding with a different color scheme to symbolize an updated feel of the cafes and items on the menu.

Kaldi’s Coffee Winter Color Scheme

The app is designed with Kaldi’s current rendition of the menu. The idea is to update the app color scheme with each rollout.

Initial Design

The Finals

Notable changes:

The squares and boxes were replaced with circles for a more comfortable feel for the users experiencing the app. This change was inspired by the coffee and food served at Kaldi’s Coffee. Guests receive their coffee in a circular ceramic mug and their food on a circular plate or bowl. This simple change allows guests to continue to connect with Kaldi’s Coffee as a brand via their experience in the app.

Personalized Guest Experience

One of the fundamentals of success for Kaldi’s Coffee is Guest Experience. With more loyal guests interacting online, it is essential to keep the goal of serving a fantastic guest experience through the app. The Kaldi’s app has a simple sign-up, an immersive account dashboard, and personalized deals and messages.

Additional Colors

How the app will look during the Fall Rollout

App Design Color Scheme altered for a better user experience

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