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Ep. 37 | Yelp

“I’m the entire supply chain of this restaurant”


Right off the bat, Kev mistakes Gandhi for Dr. MLK which is hilarious. The pod falls apart after that. Buckle up. We’re talking Geospatial Intelligence, Rust Removal, and Minecraft.


0:00 CIA conspiracies right off the bat

6:40 Throat related conversation

10:25 back to geospatial intelligence

15:15 Megan’s bad Yelp review

26:00 RUST

32:20 Chris hates women, but loves girls

34:30 Michael Reeves  

38:00 Minecraft with feet

43:00 Howie Mandel’s friend

Ep. 36 | Wedding Crashers

“Meg, you ever heard of f*cking improv?!”


Meg, Kev, and Ethan are back with some spore related content. Megan’s brother killed someone.


(0:00) New Pod Intro

(3:00) Kevin is a genius?

(6:00) Megan learns a lesson about improv

(12:00) Kev’s big toenail is coming back

(14:00) Kev was a FUNGI the other night

(15:20) Megan brought her diary

(23:00) Anyway, freestyle time

(26:20) Megan went to a wedding

(32:45) Power Tools

Ep. 35 | Mr. Mustard

“The podcast is gonna financially support all of us” 


Ethan and Kev reflect on the podcast and Ethan’s god awful financial situation.


0:00 Nissan Sentra is a red flag

2:10 We came back for the people

5:30 We have no skills.

9:20 Ethan is problematic

13:30 Ethan is jealous of Kev

18:55 Mr. Mustard / Ethan’s poor decisions

27:45 ETHAN, NO!!!!!

Ep. 34 | The Real Reason Why We Haven’t Recorded

“Mommy doesn’t want to make hamburger helper with meat anymore”


Kev and Ethan are back after a 3 month hiatus. Super chill episode for y’all.


0:00 Kev is no longer ugly

1:34 1 Year Anniversary

6:00 Can’t go 5 minutes without Ethan’s OCD acting up

7:55 Ethan’s Life Fell Apart

9:30 Discussing ways to be unoriginal

11:45 Funniest presidents

17:45 Kanye West take that doesn’t age well (this was recorded in JULY 2022)

19:20 Michael Jackson 

21:40 Tell everyone the real reason why you haven’t done the podcast

22:40 Kev is a bad husband

24:00 Kev and Ethan should do improv

26:50 Kev’s Friend wants Kev

31:50 Mommy Doesn’t Want to Make Hamburger Helper *Joker Voice*

Ep. 33 | Former Vloggers, Current Podcasters, Future Stars

Another chill one with special guest, Megan. We learn a lot about ourselves but mostly Ethan. This episode was originally recorded in March 2022 and has finally been released from the vault.


0:00 – Meg gets ROCKED right at the top of the episode

3:10 Kev ruins the vibe immediately

3:50 Michael Richards

9:40 You guys don’t know about banshee? 

10:50 Meg has something for us

13:00 nvm, we gotta discuss mgk first

15:15 Megan hits us with hard hitting questions

17:00 Kids Club

22:10 Kev’s Mom threw mangoes at his head

23:45 Mango White Claw

25:50 Former Vloggers, Current Podcasters, Future Stars

28:00 Ethan is on Famous Birthdays

40:45 Other famous YouTuber’s from Ethan’s highschool

45:30 Megan cracked her toilet seat

51:45 Ethan’s strange ability

59:30 Doors or Wheels 

1:00:10 Kev is ruining Ethan’s life

1:05:45 Is Math blue or red???

1:09:00 – Kev vs Board of Education

1:11:30 – McRib

1:16:10 – Dreams  

1:22:30 – Worst decision you ever made

1:25:10 – Kev flexes his skills in Minecraft

1:29:50 – Bucket List

1:33:00 – Are Y’all organ donors

EP. 32 | Protein Pills

Protein Pills


Megan is back! Kev and Ethan make it a terrible time for her.


0:00 – Does Megan like this song?

8:25 – Ethan and Kevin take pills interlude

13:00 – The Office and Seinfield, Stupid?

19:00 – Megan was a Journalist 

24:00 – thoughts about memes

31:00 – Recyclops

33:40 – Ethan’s feet are burning up.

35:00 – Renegade

EP. 31 | Pizza Sprinkles

Kevin ran into someone at the grocery store the other day…


0:00 – Kev ruins the opening of the podcast with his ADHD

1:40  – Ethan plays his favorite John Lennon song and makes it worse

8:00 – Foreskin

11:10 – Kev took Ethan’s job

13:10 – Ethan’s review drama

16:00 – The pod accidentally gets political

18:55 – Pizza Sprinkles

20:00 – Homeless

22:30 – Sweet n Sour Sauce

EP. 30 | FibulaDeez Nuts

Ethan got into an accident. He had to beat an old lady with a stick to get these cranberries.


0:00 Poppin Pills Interlude

2:30 Kev got hit on by a cougar

5:00 Making Drunk Love in the Gender Neutral Bathroom

10:00 Ethan’s struggle with ice

12:00 A girl under 5 feet beat up Ethan

14:10 Ethan slipped on his carpet

16:30 Ethan had to beat an old lady with a stick

18:50 Ethan doesn’t work hard enough Interlude

20:25 The accident

28:50 How Ethan drove himself to the hospital with a broken ankle

30:50 The ER during COVID is nuts / Ethan’s nightmare

32:50 Ethan broke his ankle but didn’t know until weeks later

34:50 Should Ethan sue? Is that lame? 

37:20 Kev gets DESTROYED by Ethan

42:40 Ethan the Schizio

EP. 29 | Geographic Disconnect

Ma’am, you need to stop texting and driving 


0:00 Kev and Ethan lost a nasty fight. 

1:00 Y’ever been to a New Years Party?

3:30 Botanical Gardens during Christmas is a BAD IDEA

13:00 Kev wants to be simulation breaker

17:00 Move away from your home town.

21:50 The bitch dressed as the bitch from Frozen

24:45 Somehow we are talking about Over The Hedge

27:00 Kev’s party

You Can Freeze Paintballs

Kev and Ethan spread false information about their friend, Ethan tells a story about his strange Christmas, and Kev has beef with Ethan’s Neighbor


0:00 – Kev attempts to name the actors in Don’t Look Up.

1:30 – We tell lies about our good friend Bristle for several minutes.

11:00 – dudes who trade stock over the phone need their ass beat.

12:55 – more lies about Brayson (Bristle).

14:35 – Kev raises another toast

16:35 – Ethan’s family has a dog who is an alcoholic. Not joking.

22:09 – Ethan’s grandpa bought a gun.

26:19 – Kev explains why he chooses to stay away from family

29:00 – Kev had a bad encounter with Ethan’s neighbor

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