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EP. 32 | Protein Pills

Protein Pills


Megan is back! Kev and Ethan make it a terrible time for her.


0:00 – Does Megan like this song?

8:25 – Ethan and Kevin take pills interlude

13:00 – The Office and Seinfield, Stupid?

19:00 – Megan was a Journalist 

24:00 – thoughts about memes

31:00 – Recyclops

33:40 – Ethan’s feet are burning up.

35:00 – Renegade

EP. 31 | Pizza Sprinkles

Kevin ran into someone at the grocery store the other day…


0:00 – Kev ruins the opening of the podcast with his ADHD

1:40  – Ethan plays his favorite John Lennon song and makes it worse

8:00 – Foreskin

11:10 – Kev took Ethan’s job

13:10 – Ethan’s review drama

16:00 – The pod accidentally gets political

18:55 – Pizza Sprinkles

20:00 – Homeless

22:30 – Sweet n Sour Sauce

EP. 30 | FibulaDeez Nuts

Ethan got into an accident. He had to beat an old lady with a stick to get these cranberries.


0:00 Poppin Pills Interlude

2:30 Kev got hit on by a cougar

5:00 Making Drunk Love in the Gender Neutral Bathroom

10:00 Ethan’s struggle with ice

12:00 A girl under 5 feet beat up Ethan

14:10 Ethan slipped on his carpet

16:30 Ethan had to beat an old lady with a stick

18:50 Ethan doesn’t work hard enough Interlude

20:25 The accident

28:50 How Ethan drove himself to the hospital with a broken ankle

30:50 The ER during COVID is nuts / Ethan’s nightmare

32:50 Ethan broke his ankle but didn’t know until weeks later

34:50 Should Ethan sue? Is that lame? 

37:20 Kev gets DESTROYED by Ethan

42:40 Ethan the Schizio

EP. 29 | Geographic Disconnect

Ma’am, you need to stop texting and driving 


0:00 Kev and Ethan lost a nasty fight. 

1:00 Y’ever been to a New Years Party?

3:30 Botanical Gardens during Christmas is a BAD IDEA

13:00 Kev wants to be simulation breaker

17:00 Move away from your home town.

21:50 The bitch dressed as the bitch from Frozen

24:45 Somehow we are talking about Over The Hedge

27:00 Kev’s party

You Can Freeze Paintballs

Kev and Ethan spread false information about their friend, Ethan tells a story about his strange Christmas, and Kev has beef with Ethan’s Neighbor


0:00 – Kev attempts to name the actors in Don’t Look Up.

1:30 – We tell lies about our good friend Bristle for several minutes.

11:00 – dudes who trade stock over the phone need their ass beat.

12:55 – more lies about Brayson (Bristle).

14:35 – Kev raises another toast

16:35 – Ethan’s family has a dog who is an alcoholic. Not joking.

22:09 – Ethan’s grandpa bought a gun.

26:19 – Kev explains why he chooses to stay away from family

29:00 – Kev had a bad encounter with Ethan’s neighbor

Next-Level Cucking

Megan is back! We talk about the hot mom from Good Luck Charlie, Instagram stalking, and tell the stories about how we all got cucked in high school.


0:00 – (THE SETUP) Ethan tells Megan that Kev’s brother died and his family is in financial ruin. 

2:20 – Once again, Leigh Allyn Baker. The Hollywood Refugee Anti-Mask Hot Mom from Good Luck Charlie.

13:25 – Embarrassing High School Dance Stories

15:45 – Ethan had two dates at one prom… and somehow got cucked

21:00 – Megan’s Homecoming story where she got cucked.

24:22 – Why does Ethan assume Megan reads books?

29:20 – Who is Megan?

33:45 – Ethan found a deleted video of Megan

38:15 – Stalking on Instagram

41:25 – (THE PUNCH) Did Megan play an instrument?

50:00 – Kevin’s conspiracies

Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan vs. PuppyGirlJenna

Kev makes a toast, we learn how to prevent human dog girl people from peeing on your floor, and we add nothing to the Neil Young / Joe Rogan stuff.


0:00 – Kev has an important announcement

1:00 – Dumb wedding speeches

3:25 – Gus Johnson got the most unappealing face

4:10 – Euphoria fucking sucks

8:10 – Kev and Ethan both take the same position on topics which is why the pod isn’t a success

9:00 – When your hot human girl dog pees on the floor.

12:30 – We had a video go viral on the highlights channel

14:25 – Joe Rogan v Neil Young is Hilarious

26:20 – Being anti-evil while also being evil

28:45 – the hatchback of dogs

Jason “Usher” Derulo

Ethan, Kevin, and Megan bring the heat in this episode. We talkJason Derulo, Usher, Nelly, and screaming at dead bodies. It’s a great time.


0:00 – A girl (who isn’t white) is on the pod! Big milestone.

6:00 – Megan manslaughters the entire organization of Police

8:45 – Jason Derulo

10:00 – Wait, what happened to Jason Derulo and Usher???

12:45 – Ethan’s dumb fact about the Talk Dirty music video that is dumb

16:00 – T-Pain

18:00 – we get distracted talking about Gus Johnson

21:45 – Back to T- Pain

24:05 – St. Louis people need to let Nelly go

29:50 – What flavor of Asian are you?

35:55 – Throwing Grandma’s corpse at the wall

DJ Munchkin

Kevin and Ethan recap their terrible Christmas.


0:00 – Kev thought Sam Rami, the director of Spider-Man… was Spider-Man LMAO

4:00 – Spider-Man was ruined from a girl’s finsta account

8:30 – Bulking up

10:15 – Four Christmases

20:00 – Ethan went to a Brewery

26:00 – DJ Munchkin 

30:15 – Jon Favreau is a genius

”What are your pronouns and can I bum a cigarette?”

Kev and Ethan do their first ad read and Ethan talks about his night out.


(1:00) What to do when your hot cousin is back in town

(3:30) Chop Can

(8:40) Coming clean

(10:50) Kev and Ethan are traumatized

(18:27) Straight people are NUTS at a bar

(21:55) What are your pronouns and can I have a cig?

(25:30) $9 shots

(28:15) Straight people are NUTS at a bar pt.2

(34:00) Ethan tearing it up on the dance floor

(44:00) Homeless dude watches Ethan jump his car

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