Ep. 34 | The Real Reason Why We Haven’t Recorded

“Mommy doesn’t want to make hamburger helper with meat anymore”


Kev and Ethan are back after a 3 month hiatus. Super chill episode for y’all.


0:00 Kev is no longer ugly

1:34 1 Year Anniversary

6:00 Can’t go 5 minutes without Ethan’s OCD acting up

7:55 Ethan’s Life Fell Apart

9:30 Discussing ways to be unoriginal

11:45 Funniest presidents

17:45 Kanye West take that doesn’t age well (this was recorded in JULY 2022)

19:20 Michael Jackson 

21:40 Tell everyone the real reason why you haven’t done the podcast

22:40 Kev is a bad husband

24:00 Kev and Ethan should do improv

26:50 Kev’s Friend wants Kev

31:50 Mommy Doesn’t Want to Make Hamburger Helper *Joker Voice*

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