Ep. 33 | Former Vloggers, Current Podcasters, Future Stars

Another chill one with special guest, Megan. We learn a lot about ourselves but mostly Ethan. This episode was originally recorded in March 2022 and has finally been released from the vault.


0:00 – Meg gets ROCKED right at the top of the episode

3:10 Kev ruins the vibe immediately

3:50 Michael Richards

9:40 You guys don’t know about banshee? 

10:50 Meg has something for us

13:00 nvm, we gotta discuss mgk first

15:15 Megan hits us with hard hitting questions

17:00 Kids Club

22:10 Kev’s Mom threw mangoes at his head

23:45 Mango White Claw

25:50 Former Vloggers, Current Podcasters, Future Stars

28:00 Ethan is on Famous Birthdays

40:45 Other famous YouTuber’s from Ethan’s highschool

45:30 Megan cracked her toilet seat

51:45 Ethan’s strange ability

59:30 Doors or Wheels 

1:00:10 Kev is ruining Ethan’s life

1:05:45 Is Math blue or red???

1:09:00 – Kev vs Board of Education

1:11:30 – McRib

1:16:10 – Dreams  

1:22:30 – Worst decision you ever made

1:25:10 – Kev flexes his skills in Minecraft

1:29:50 – Bucket List

1:33:00 – Are Y’all organ donors

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