EP. 30 | FibulaDeez Nuts

Ethan got into an accident. He had to beat an old lady with a stick to get these cranberries.


0:00 Poppin Pills Interlude

2:30 Kev got hit on by a cougar

5:00 Making Drunk Love in the Gender Neutral Bathroom

10:00 Ethan’s struggle with ice

12:00 A girl under 5 feet beat up Ethan

14:10 Ethan slipped on his carpet

16:30 Ethan had to beat an old lady with a stick

18:50 Ethan doesn’t work hard enough Interlude

20:25 The accident

28:50 How Ethan drove himself to the hospital with a broken ankle

30:50 The ER during COVID is nuts / Ethan’s nightmare

32:50 Ethan broke his ankle but didn’t know until weeks later

34:50 Should Ethan sue? Is that lame? 

37:20 Kev gets DESTROYED by Ethan

42:40 Ethan the Schizio

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