You Can Freeze Paintballs

Kev and Ethan spread false information about their friend, Ethan tells a story about his strange Christmas, and Kev has beef with Ethan’s Neighbor


0:00 – Kev attempts to name the actors in Don’t Look Up.

1:30 – We tell lies about our good friend Bristle for several minutes.

11:00 – dudes who trade stock over the phone need their ass beat.

12:55 – more lies about Brayson (Bristle).

14:35 – Kev raises another toast

16:35 – Ethan’s family has a dog who is an alcoholic. Not joking.

22:09 – Ethan’s grandpa bought a gun.

26:19 – Kev explains why he chooses to stay away from family

29:00 – Kev had a bad encounter with Ethan’s neighbor

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