Next-Level Cucking

Megan is back! We talk about the hot mom from Good Luck Charlie, Instagram stalking, and tell the stories about how we all got cucked in high school.


0:00 – (THE SETUP) Ethan tells Megan that Kev’s brother died and his family is in financial ruin. 

2:20 – Once again, Leigh Allyn Baker. The Hollywood Refugee Anti-Mask Hot Mom from Good Luck Charlie.

13:25 – Embarrassing High School Dance Stories

15:45 – Ethan had two dates at one prom… and somehow got cucked

21:00 – Megan’s Homecoming story where she got cucked.

24:22 – Why does Ethan assume Megan reads books?

29:20 – Who is Megan?

33:45 – Ethan found a deleted video of Megan

38:15 – Stalking on Instagram

41:25 – (THE PUNCH) Did Megan play an instrument?

50:00 – Kevin’s conspiracies

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