Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan vs. PuppyGirlJenna

Kev makes a toast, we learn how to prevent human dog girl people from peeing on your floor, and we add nothing to the Neil Young / Joe Rogan stuff.


0:00 – Kev has an important announcement

1:00 – Dumb wedding speeches

3:25 – Gus Johnson got the most unappealing face

4:10 – Euphoria fucking sucks

8:10 – Kev and Ethan both take the same position on topics which is why the pod isn’t a success

9:00 – When your hot human girl dog pees on the floor.

12:30 – We had a video go viral on the highlights channel

14:25 – Joe Rogan v Neil Young is Hilarious

26:20 – Being anti-evil while also being evil

28:45 – the hatchback of dogs

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