Jason “Usher” Derulo

Ethan, Kevin, and Megan bring the heat in this episode. We talkJason Derulo, Usher, Nelly, and screaming at dead bodies. It’s a great time.


0:00 – A girl (who isn’t white) is on the pod! Big milestone.

6:00 – Megan manslaughters the entire organization of Police

8:45 – Jason Derulo

10:00 – Wait, what happened to Jason Derulo and Usher???

12:45 – Ethan’s dumb fact about the Talk Dirty music video that is dumb

16:00 – T-Pain

18:00 – we get distracted talking about Gus Johnson

21:45 – Back to T- Pain

24:05 – St. Louis people need to let Nelly go

29:50 – What flavor of Asian are you?

35:55 – Throwing Grandma’s corpse at the wall

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